Maximum And Minimum Thermometer
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Maximum And Minimum Thermometer

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Product Description

Maximum And Minimum Thermometer

Gelsonlab HSGT-012 Maximum and minimum thermometer

The thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the device object, you use it to measure the living environment of the indoor and outdoor temperature, can also be used to measure the temperature in the kitchen oven. If you are ill, the available thermometer measuring your temperature. When you are engaged in farming, aquaculture environmental temperature control is the key to successful breeding of you.

Function and application of instrument:

1. this instrument is used to measure the temperature of the environment and record the highest temperature and minimum temperature of the day
2. meters for general homes, schools, offices, factories, workshops and warehouses, and other places where environmental temperature needs to be measured.
The 3. instrument is more suitable for gardening flower planting, livestock breeding, and other special animal insect breeding, planting large rural, can easily read the environmental temperature, and can grasp the environment in the day of the highest and lowest temperature clearly increased the index of success to your planting and breeding career.

Instrument work and use:

1. meter three pointer, black pointer real-time temperature measurement, the blue indicator red pointer pointer and the highest temperature and the lowest temperature indicator, the red and blue pointer pointer device in the instrument lens and the regulating knob is connected together.
2. you can learn the temperature of the environment by reading the black pointer.
3. when the temperature increases, the black pointer will push the red pointer and push it to the highest temperature indicator of the day. You can see the highest temperature on the day by reading the red pointer
4. when the temperature drops, the black pointer pushes the blue pointer and pushes it to the minimum temperature of the day. You can see the lowest temperature in the environment by reading the blue pointer
5. generally, every afternoon around 14:00 is the highest temperature in the day, every day around 4:00 is the lowest temperature period of the day. Reading at least once every day and every day in the proposal, the morning after 7:00 or around 20:00 in the evening, record the highest and lowest temperature of the day, after the completion of recording, the top of the lens double knob Shihong blue two pointer reset and black pointer alignment.
6. reset pointer adjustment, the first big knob to right align the red pointer and black pointer, and then moving in the blue button align left pointer and pointer black.

Instrument features:

The instrument is made of alloy aluminum shell with high antirust property, plastic lens which is not easy to be broken, and metal adjusting button.
The product is designed against rain and can be hung outdoors.
Perceptual instrument, surface design and pointer color. The large instrument panel is easy to read.
High measurement accuracy, within the range of 5~35 degrees C, the measurement error is less than + 1 degrees C, and the measurement error is less than + 2 degrees C in the whole range,
Ingenious and reliable structural design, easy to read and adjust.

Product advantages:

L product structure is reliable, not easy to damage. The utility model avoids the defect that the glass rod thermometer is easy to break and easy to break.
L products have anti rain structure design, can hang in outdoor use, suitable for use in a very wide range, is a good helper in rural areas.
L generous and intuitive instrument panel, convenient reading, the highest and minimum temperature, indicating needle reset, adjustment, simple operation. It avoids the disadvantage that the magnet cannot be adjusted due to the failure of the magnet.
L imported products with temperature hairspring, precise measurement accuracy.
L product design is simple and easy-going, with the current and classic style atmosphere.

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