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Company Profile

Ningbo Hema Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in March,2019. It is a high-tech enterprise that is committed to the integration of research and development, production and sales of various chronic disease detection and diagnosis and treatment equipment, so as to better serve the patients with chronic diseases in China and the world.

The company adheres to the belief of "pursuing excellence and achieving extraordinary achievements" and the principle of "safety and effectiveness", continuously develops high-tech medical device products suitable for clinical use; implements the quality policy of "quality first and reputation first", and strives to produce "100% high quality products".

The company has gathered a number of multi-level and high-quality excellent professionals, relying on modern scientific management system, rigorous and efficient work style and perfect after-sales service system, forming a perfect system integrating research and development, production, sales, logistics and maintenance. Not only that, Dashi is also striving to build an ecosystem of chronic disease health services, research in early screening, early warning, intervention, nursing and other aspects of diseases, and constantly contribute to the development of China's health industry. Smart biosensor, hospital POCT management system, cloud data open platform, cloud health management, chronic disease support system, chronic disease management center and medical management system. The company will focus on the Internet + medical chronic disease management, develop a new mode of chronic disease management, connect patients and health management services through intelligent biosensors, and facilitate patient access to self health management guidance on the basis of data, so that medical staff and health management consultants can provide targeted treatment and guidance.

We firmly believe that no matter how big an enterprise is, it cannot support an industry. Without the soil for the healthy development of the industry, there will be no guarantee for the sustainable development of the enterprise. We hope that China's medical device industry will grow rapidly. We believe that the company will not only contribute to the development of China's medical device industry, but also grow into an outstanding enterprise!

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